We at LogicWave were lucky enough to be able to attend InfoComm 2019 in Orlando this year.

In addition to meeting up with some of our industry friends, we were able to get a glimpse at some of the newest and most innovative tech the market has to offer. From sprawling video walls to tiny handheld gadgets, InfoComm had all the latest technology trends. In the midst of all the excitement, there were a few showings that stood out.

At one booth, there was a projector with a remote light source which allowed the main device to remain in the rack and pump light into another room. In another, there was an 8k laser projector with unbelievable color depth and image clarity.

One booth had a wide showcase of transparent displays that showed amazing graphics on top of real-life product displays. In front of the booth, a massive curved video wall in the shape of an ocean wave displayed breathtaking scenes of nature and space.

Hidden in the back of the convention, four projectors with 3D mapping turned a giant blank statue into a moving piece of art.

Some retailers focused the bulk of their energy and effort into showing products at the pinnacle of technological advancement. Others spread out their offerings which extended into the prosumer market. No matter the budget, there were amazing feats of technology on display for all enthusiast and business levels.

Overall, it was a fantastic and awe-inspiring experience. We were able to go as a company and see all of the sights and sounds together. LogicWave looks forward to attending InfoComm again in the future!

Caricature by Quirklogic