In order to better solve our customer’s most complex challenges, LogicWave is now a Silver Certified Master Programmer for Crestron Electronics.  We are excited to share this with our customers and further proof the LogicWave cares deeply about providing the best service possible for its customers.


A Crestron certified programmer holds the highest respect in the industry, due to the rigorous training, extensive experience, and stringent testing required before achieving “Crestron Certified” status. In order to help Crestron certified programmers stay up-to-date, each year CTI offers exclusive and specialized “Masters Classes” that are invitation-only to Crestron certified programmers. Attendance at least once every 3 years is required to maintain certification

Masters Classes are an invaluable opportunity for programmers to obtain hands on training on the latest Crestron software and hardware, while networking and sharing knowledge with other members of the Crestron Certified Programmers Community.

Those who attend three annual Masters Classes receive a “Silver” designation after passing an initial exam. After attending three additional Masters Classes and then passing an additional exam, elevates certification status to “Gold”. The “Platinum” level, is achieved by attending three additional classes and successfully passing a final exam.

The Diamond Certified Crestron Master is the highest level. With at least 12 Crestron Masters, and 3 exams passed, the Diamond Crestron Master takes on the role of training other Crestron Masters. This level requires the individual to learn new technology and become a subject matter expert. They work directly with Crestron Engineering to develop the course work.

These certification levels denote our top programmers who are exceptionally dedicated to staying current with the latest technology from Crestron and providing the best possible service to their customers.