Crestron 4-Series Control Platform

The evolution is here

The 4-series platform builds on the 3-Series foundation with astonishing performance enhancements, a unique modular programming architecture, and a range of powerful developer tools. It’s the best platform Crestron ever built.

15x Faster Processing

  • Multi-core processor 15x faster than 3-Series

4x More Memory

  • Up to 4x more memory than 3-Series

Easy Upgrade

  • No need for code changes, just a simple recompile.

Open Development

  • Built on standards and designed with security in mind. Use standard tools to create C# programs.


Let LogicWave show you how to get the most out of the powerful new features Crestron’s 4-Series products offer. Our Sales Department would be happy to discuss implementing Crestron technology solutions in your project today.