Simplifying the Complicated

Bring your technology space alive by automating its unique and advanced features.  Control systems can be programmed to automate virtually any aspect of a space including: projector screen functionality, turning displays on or off, controlling speaker volume, adjusting room lighting, adjusting room temperature, as well as opening and closing drapes.   Additional features to consider incorporating to maximize the energy management of a room is by way of Occupancy Sensing.  Using the presence of people within the room can trigger the powering of equipment on or off and lights.

When you have a high quality audio and video system in place, the user interface (UI) must be custom created to the level of the user.  In many cases, the UI will feature multiple levels of control for systems that require end users and dedicated technical staff.  We strive to “keep it simple” and are continuously improving our techniques to deliver a system that is easy to use.  Please take a look at our portfolio for some great examples of UI concepts that we have done in the past.

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The automated features mentioned above can be controlled by any Android and/or iOS integration (iPad, iPhone) or a Touch Panel GUI.