Multiple Technologies in Harmony

The audio video world is quite complex these days with many advanced technologies to integrate them together.  With any mixture of technology, the user experience weighs heavily on the solid integration practices when configuring many systems from many different manufactures to work in harmony.  When it comes to video; content is displayed on projectors, monitors, and/or video walls.  All of these products can use technologies like video wall processors, warping, edge blending, and windowing processors.  LogicWave’s meticulous eye for detail ensures seamless delivery and functionality during the integration process.

When it comes to advanced audio systems or even the basic single microphone in an auditorium, technology must be integrated properly for a good user experience.  LogicWave can take your requirements, your intentions, and your expectations and mirror them to the right products and integrate them in a way where audio sounds natural and is easy to listen to.  We take the time to setup the audio products with the latest technology using digital signal processing (DSP) to leverage acoustic echo cancelling (AEC), feedback eliminators, filtering, and proper gain structure.  Our professionals will measure the room’s acoustics with a reference microphone and adjust equalizer settings properly to create a perfectly flat response to the speakers and microphone.