This year has been a trying time, not just for individuals, but also for businesses.  When COVID hit in the spring of 2020, so did uncertainty.  With some job sites locking down for the foreseeable future, we at LogicWave used our intermittent periods of slowdown to bolster our skills.  Employees created training plans based on their interests and areas in which they would like to improve their knowledge base.

During this downtime, our employees took a wide range of classes.  Through our efforts, we have added several new certifications for our employees.  These certifications include: three Extron AV Associate certifications, two for Biamp TesiraFORTE + Server, three Q-SYS Control 101, two Q-SYS Control 201, one Q-SYS Video 101, one Crestron NVX, one Avixa CTS-D, and two Extron Control Professional.  We also had two employees attend Crestron Masters this year, held completely digitally.  Even with work slowly starting to pick back up, we are still focused on training efforts.  We have even begun to explore new and more challenging efforts, such as Crestron’s Simpl#, S# Pro, and the all-new HTML-based CH5.  Three more employees are on the verge of being Crestron Certified Programmers.  Others are working towards Crestron precious medal certifications.

We at LogicWave pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about every facet of our industry.  Our commitment to training allows us to be ready for any project, large or small.  It prepares us for industry changes and the newest trends in AV.  It keeps us sharp and ready to tackle your next job.