Our web and email addresses have changed. This is what you need to know

We are delighted to state that we have moved our online presence to a new address.  LogicWave’s website name has changed from logicwaveav.com to a new URL: www.logicwave.com.  Our digital team has been working hard to create a better online experience for our customers and frankly we’re tired of having to spell (and respell) our email addresses. Winking Face on Apple iOS 13.3  In addition, most of our staff received a shortened email addresses with the @logicwave.com domain.  The old ones will still work but feel free to update your address books.

Though there are no major changes in the layout and context, we have made it just a little easier for our customers and clients to find us online.  Our active web interface adds rich content and easy navigation throughout the website.  We have upgraded the vibrant graphics as well as the content to achieve a powerful and clear impact. Our company is forecasting enormous growth in the coming years and we are striving to make this experience even better for our clients.

But Wait There's Even More, the standalone expansion to But Wait There's More - Now live on Kickstarter here: http://kck.st/2NE2ste

Take a look at the bottom of our website for Get Support.  This will alert our team that you need support and allow us to work remotely over your computer.

We urge you to explore our website. We hope this makes it easier to find us.  We would appreciate any kind of feedback