LogicWave recently helped AVI-SPL with an audio visual system for the Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

The system was deployed to four separate rooms, each with independent controls.

Audio Visual System Implemented

The first room allows for input selection from Share-Link, Blu-ray, HDMI, or VGA sources. The panel in the room provides program volume controls, as well as dedicated Bluray device controls. The second rooms allows the user choose from two PC sources, a laptop, a Share-Link, and a Blu-ray. It also gives the user the ability to route the source content to one of three separate output displays. The third room can share content from a Share-Link, a PC, or a laptop to one of two output displays. It also adds audio conferencing abilities, along with dedicated call volume controls, to the room.

The last room contains all of the previous features, such as sharing PC/VGA, Share-Link, Blu-ray, and HDMI sources, as well as audio conferencing. Additionally, it contains TV tuner controls for watching and controlling broadcast content. The fourth room’s TV Tuner and Blu-ray controls allow for complete control over source content devices and provide an intuitive and familiar multimedia experience for the user.

As always, LogicWave is glad to help another Florida county with their audio visual needs.