LogicWave was contacted by BCI Integrated Solutions of Florida to help with the design and implementation of an audio visual system for the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners.

Audio Visual System Implementation

The system is comprised of two separate rooms: The meeting room, and the training room.

The meeting room consists of a large space with four monitors. These monitors will display one of four sources: Dias Laptop, Lectern Laptop, a public AirMedia device, or a private AirMedia device. The two AirMedia devices are supplied content by a Guest network and an Employee network, respectively. The meeting space also houses 20+ microphones placed around the room. The microphones can be muted individually or all at once. A master audio control allows for volume control and mute of the main output source signal.

The training room allows the user to connect and share content to a projector via HDMI and VGA connections. It also retains the ability to control the master volume from the panel.

LogicWave is proud to help another Florida county with their audio visual needs.